Tracking employee time has never been more important. With the US Government’s newly created Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), tracking employee paid leave is now critical. Dovico Timesheet quickly gathers that time and provides you with the necessary reports to file for your tax credits.

For more information on what employee paid leave scenarios the FFCRA applies to, the duration and level of compensation, please visit the US Department of Labour’s FFCRA website.

How does Dovico help with paid leave?

Employees track their leave time in Dovico’s online timesheet. Employers can then run reports that display how much COVID-19 related leave time each employee has taken and why they took it. That way, when it comes time to submit your employee’s leave time for tax credits, there is no question as to what level of compensation you are entitled to.

Here’s how it works:

Create a project. This project will house the COVID-19 related “tasks” that your employee will file their leave time. We suggest calling your project “COVID-19 – Paid Time Off” Other suggestions are “FFCRA – Paid Time Off” or “FFCRA Tax Credits.”

Create tasks. These tasks are related to the leave reasons outlined on the FFCRA website. Make the names descriptive enough so that employees have no question about where their paid leave falls.

Assign employees. You may assign the entire team so that these tasks are available for everyone should they need it. Don’t worry; you can always assign or remove assignments at any time.

Activate the project. When a project is in draft mode, employees cannot entre time towards it. Being in draft allows you to make fundamental changes to the project to not interfere with any time entry.

Enter paid leave time. Employees can now enter their time off into the different tasks that apply to their situation. They can enter their leave time daily, or they can enter it in advance should they know the duration of their extended time off.

Run a report. When it comes time to submit this time for the FFCRA tax credits, run a report like this one (Employee Time Grid). You can print it as is, or if you would like, export it to Excel and work your magic there.

Time reports make FFCRA tax credits easier to apply for

Tracking this time off now will ease the headache later when it’s time to submit your tax credits. With reporting being so easily accessible at any given time, you can get an accurate picture of how much compensation you can expect.

Having this vital information immediately at your fingertips eases tension during a challenging time. With Dovico Timesheet taking care of this small but vital detail in your business, you have more time to take care of those who are vital to your life.

Got employees on paid leave because of COVID-19?

Track their leave hours and take the guesswork out of your Families First Coronavirus Response Act tax claims.


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