Are spreadsheets still used for timesheets?

In 2009, we published a press release saying that financial benefits can be gained from subscribing to an out-of-the-box solution for timesheet entry instead of using Excel spreadsheets.  Would you believe it when I say that it still holds true today?

Funny thing is though, now we’ve created a really nice Excel timesheet template that we’re giving away free.  But, the existing problems are still present.  In fact, in recent case studies where companies used Dovico Timesheet instead of Excel, they were able to reduce their month-end billing time from 4 days to 4 hours after switching from an Excel timesheet! Another company gained in their ability to be more productive, here’s their quote:

“When we started with Dovico 4 years ago we were a small firm of around 12 employees. We used an excel based time capture and Access database. We had reached the limit of ease of use and had to hire for data input or find a better way. Dovico Timesheet was that better way. Not only did we not hire for data entry but the workload decreased even though our company now has 40 employees… “. Michel

This makes the math easy when it comes to calculating ROI because you just know that the benefits in time savings, at a price of $12/month for Dovico, out way the hassle and the time wasted to manually update projects and time in separate spreadsheets, approve time by each individual sheet by email, and consolidate reports.

Diane Doucet #TimeCoach
Co-founder of Dovico Software Inc.

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