Timesheet reporting should tell a story, a story that inspires you to make essential decisions that move your business forward. In other words, when a story falls short with a report that doesn’t inspire you, you end up feeling confused and frustrated. Sometimes, that out-of-the-box timesheet report isn’t telling you the real story. You need a custom report, one that tells a story that excites you and gives foresight.

The real value of a timesheet

The value of having a timesheet database does not come from the entry of hours worked on billable projects. Having a mobile and easy-to-use online timesheet is useful, but it’s not valuable. Value only comes from what you can now do with those hours inside of a report that gives you insight.

A sample Dovico Timesheet Report

Time Entries by Employee Report

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In a timesheet system, it’s essential to have a user-friendly timesheet screen. However, it’s critical to have a user-empowered reporting system. Within Dovico’s reporting system, you have the ability to get a tailored report that fits your business needs. Sometimes though, more tailoring is needed to get the story: Enter Trent “The Report Guru” Gallant.

Reports with a personal touch

Trent is our dedicated custom report writer. Dovico is the only timesheet provider in the market who offers this kind of personal report writing service.

With a perfect mix of skills to help build a custom report for you, Trent’s career spans software development, business analysis to technical customer service. On top of that, he is just an all-around good guy who wants to help you get the most from your time.

Dovico report writer, Trent Gallant

Trent Gallant

Custom Report Writer

Trent is an avid collector of vintage video games and cites the creator of Pac Man (Toru Iwatani) and the creator of Atari (Tod Frye) as his biggest inspiration. Without Pac Man on Atari when he was a child, Trent believes he would have never chosen a career in technology..

For a small one-time donation to our Dovico Cares initiative, Trent works with you to help tailor a custom report that can be plugged directly into the existing Dovico report system. Schedule the sending of that insightful report to anyone with an email address on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

All of the money raised by our custom reporting work goes directly into our community by way of donations to such causes as the SPCA, The Humanity Project and Habitat for Humanity.

Make insightful decisions with a custom report

Imagine having a fresh and customized report sitting in your inbox every morning that tells you the story you need to read. Ease off the staffing on an unhealthy project or put the hammer down on the ones that are bringing in more revenue. You will have that insight with a custom report from Dovico.

“Custom Reports”

We now have a resource percentage billable/non-billable report that lets us know our estimated revenue for each month and how we are comparing billable/non-billable to the industry.

Linda L.



The allocation/tracking is extremely helpful. The reporting, generic as well as the customized will do a world of good for any company. This is one of the best tools that we use in house.

Meghan R.


Your billable project story is a lot more than just time in and time out; it’s unique. We’ve made it easy for you to express your unique story in our renowned powerful reporting tool. But sometimes your story is a little too unique. Therefore, you need a co-author. Let Trent at Dovico be that co-author.

Sample reports from Dovico

Let us help you with your story

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