Does your data display the wrong Date / Number formats when you export?


When you use the Export function, now directly available within the newer views in Dovico Timesheet, the exported data may initially appear to be exported in the wrong date and number formats.

This happens when you export to .xls or xlsx, or when you export in .csv, open the file in Excel and then use the “Text to Column” function. This occurs because Excel determines the formatting for some columns to match the regional local settings used by your machine. The same happens when you export from the Reports Builder or the Job Scheduler.

Everything exports properly, If you use the other available export formats (PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT or PNG). In the following example, you’ll see Project Summary and then what you get when the data is exported into an XLSX format:
This article applies to the most recent release of Dovico Timesheet V14


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