If you are thinking of deleting employees, projects, tasks from your Dovico database — DON’T.

I think the problem started with Windows 95;

When Microsoft popularized the Recycle bin. When the definition of ‘delete’ was corrupted so that ‘delete’ doesn’t mean delete any more. I believe Apple actually invented the Recycle bin (Trash). Now, this may be somewhat of a shocker but we’ve been too busy developing new stuff to create a Recycle bin.

Delete means delete

All this to say that in Dovico; delete means delete. The original definition. But wait, there’s more to it. Because our database is a Relational Model Database, when you do delete certain items (projects, employees, etc.), you also delete a whole bunch of data that is linked to it and that still might be important to your company; like time, costs and budgets. And database size is not a reason to delete. It’s on our hosted servers and there’s plenty of room.

Free up a license

But what about your license count? You want to get rid of some employees to free up licenses for new users. Again, deleting is not necessary. Did you know you can free up licenses without losing the employee’s info and data? Just set the user’s Software Access to None and that license becomes free. Once again, there’s no real need to delete anything. But if you really, really want or need to, there’s information available in the help files. You can also call your Sales rep or Support and they’ll answer your questions.

Will we ever build a Recycle bin?

I personally don’t think so. You know that old saying that if you wait long enough, a thing will come back into style. With this push to the Cloud, I think we may have arrived at that point. You probably want delete to mean delete again. I think victims of ‘The Fappening’ would agree.

Author: Terry Belliveau
Technical Writer and Information Development at 


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