Don’t we put up barriers every time we dream of something big? I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough people. I don’t have enough patience. I don’t have enough time. I just can’t-do it. We waste so much energy telling ourselves that we cannot do something that if we channeled it correctly, we would probably have it done!

We live our lives by constantly creating barriers that limit our success. Excuses that we create that rob us of our vitality, our ambition and our time. When we build up our barriers we are deeply only defending ourselves from feeling the fear and the pain of failure. We don’t want to fail! So, instead of being bold, creative and ambitious, we simply say we can’t. We are hopeless to change and we allow our fears to win over us.

It simply comes to down fears. Every time we throw up a constraint and create an excuse to not do something, deep down, we are fearful. Fearful of doing it wrong, fearful of embarrassment, fearful of harassment, fearful of getting hurt and maybe even fearful of being successful. We simply fear the unknown, so we throw up a barrier to protect ourselves. This protectionism is totally natural, but it won’t help us grow as a person. While we remain safe, we will become very stagnant and in time we become bored and unhappy. Most people never reach great success by playing it safe.

ACTIVITY – Write a list of 15 things that you think you can’t-do now, but really wish you could. Dig deep and think of things that you wish you could do if only you had a little more of “X”. In our next blog post, we will review this list and see what we can do to motivate you to free up your time from the clutches of barrier creation.

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NEXT TOPIC: When you replace “I can’t” with “I won’t” and add a reason why you won’t, you will either motivate yourself into doing it or you will learn to accept your limitations. Do you avoid taking on bigger tasks in life because we don’t believe you are worthy?
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