Why do we do the things we do? Do we do the things we do for us or do we do them for somebody else? When you dig deep, you will find that a majority of the things you do is for someone else, to make someone else happy, to be accepted, to be loved. It is normal to want to be a part of the tribe, to conform and to be useful but when it gets in the way of our happiness, we lose the meaning of our time. Our time is ours and ours alone. Each of us is only given a certain amount of it, so when it is completely spent not fulfilling what it is that makes us happy, then we become hopeless.

It is really tough to accept that what you are doing in life is not for you and it is even tougher to do things for you without feeling selfish. We cannot grow as good people if we are striving to be liked or wasting time being someone we are not. Accepting yourself as being worthy of spending time on is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. It sometimes means telling someone you love that you can no longer help them, that you must help yourself.

Follow your passion and follow your dreams. If you what you are doing with your time does not follow either of those, then you are not being true to yourself and you are simply just wasting your time.

ACTIVITY – Write in your journal, or if you don’t have a journal, write in a notepad about a life dream that you have. Be very detailed about what that dream is. Write why this dream is important to you and then write why you cannot achieve that dream, what keeps you from it? Next, write down in great detail what you must do to achieve that dream. Then, once you have written everything down, pick one of those things on the list and go do it now.

BONUS – Amy Cuddy Ted Talk Your body language may shape who you are, and the benefits of the power pose may help you accept who you are. 

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