‘Get More Time’ Series #2

Dovico CEO, Yves Doucet, talks about Who and What could be potential distractions

What can you live without? What can’t you live without? Who can you live without? Who can’t you live without?

These are the great balancing acts between our happiness and our distraction. We are pulled in so many directions in a day that we lose sight of our priorities and we begin to use our time inefficiently. It doesn’t take long before our things and relationships begin to consume us because we do not find value in the time we spend with them. We become drained.

When we find ourselves heading down the path to an unvalued life, we begin to lose hope and then we start to blame. We make excuses like “I couldn’t workout today because I had a work meeting.” or “I didn’t eat healthy today because I was running my kids to practices all over town.”. When we start to give up the things you need for the things we think we should need, then we begin the spiral of giving up control over our lives and our time begins to become meaningless. Recapture your time by focusing on spending time on things that bring you meaning, that give you energy and give you life.

Everything we do should serve a purpose and some things we do should become a priority or a “non-negotiable” in our lives. There is no question, we have to spend some time on things that drain us, not everything in life brings us joy. But we should realize that a vast majority of our time should be spent on things that inspire us, change us and allow us to grow.


ACTIVITY:  Come up with the top 5 things and/or people that you cannot live without. List them in order of importance. Now think of the time you spend with these people and things. Do you spend enough time with them?

Note: If you are not a journal writer, please grab a clean notepad that you can use to follow along with these activities that we will be giving you in the upcoming blogs posts.

Get More Time Series by
Yves Doucet, CEO and Culture Coach Dovico

NEXT TOPIC: Can you go a day without checking the news, our social media streams, advertising, radios, TV…? We will share with you how to avoid those distractions and replace them with good habits.
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