Get More Time Series #1

We trick ourselves into believing that having more is better. More space, more money, more things and more time! Our lives are a limitless hierarchy of perpetual gatherings. The more money we get the more things we can buy, the more space we can acquire. We work hard every day just to keep what we have and if we catch a break, we will get more than we will ever need. Problem is, we can never make more time.

“It is what you DO with your seconds, minutes and hours that defines what kind of success and happiness you will achieve in your life.”

The greatest equalizer in life is that each of us has the exact same amount of seconds in our minutes, minutes in our hours and hours in our days; no more and no less. So, to spend time concerning yourself with trying to get more time is completely useless. It is impossible to get more time.

It is what you DO with your seconds, minutes and hours that defines what kind of success and happiness you will achieve in your life. The funny thing is, while we are busy gathering more money, stuff, and space, we end up spending our time very inefficiently. When you are too busy with work or maintaining all of your stuff or worrying about how you are going to pay for it all, then you are robbing yourself of time not being spent in a more meaningful way.

Simplify. Get the demand off your back from the things that consume you. If you don’t need it and if it doesn’t make you wake up every morning to enjoy it, get rid of it. If we surround ourselves with only stuff that we want, we will never get to the things that we need. The happiest people you know are those who surround themselves with only the things they need, they are not blinded by clutter. Without the weight of stuff holding them down, they are able to direct their time to the things that bring great meaning to their lives. They find time for everything because they have it, and while their bank accounts may read $0, their time banks read full.

GET MORE TIME TODAY:  List the 38 most important things in your life. These can be people, places or items that you believe are the most important. Dig deep and really think of those things that you really like and love. This will help remind you of what’s important in your life.

Note: If you are not a journal writer, please grab a clean notepad that you can use to follow along with these activities that we will be giving you in the upcoming blogs posts.

Yves Doucet, CEO and Culture Coach Dovico

NEXT TOPIC: Now that we’ve covered the basics of your time bank and made you think about what’s important in your life, the next topic will help you reduce some distractions in your life.

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