Get More Time Series #4 - We Live in Fear

We waste so much time on useless fear that for some of us, it has consumed all of our time and we can no longer function. We fear our future, we fear our past and we are left procrastinating in fear we will destroy both. When we lost sight of our present mind because we are living in too far in the future or anywhere in the past, we lose track of our time and before you know it, you run out. We stop growing when we are in fear, we stop thinking when we are in fear and we stop moving forward when we are in fear.

It is so difficult to not live in a state of fear. We are surrounded by it on our TV, news, advertising, and social media feed. Fear is in our schools, our jobs and in our homes. We are left in a constant survival mode. The beautiful thing about fear is that it can move us into action but it is up to us what action we choose. Companies play on our fears because it sells to us a promise to remove them. If we work in a unsupportive work environment, our bosses play on our fear because, in the short term, it makes us very productive. We are moved by fear, but not always in a good way.

We can allow our fear to spring us into action, to take charge or we can harness the energy expended by our fears to actually drive ourselves into them and quash them. The most meaningful way to spend our time is to spend it conquering our fears. It is when we conquer fear that we grow. The most wasteful way to spend our time is to be paralyzed by our fears and allowing them to consume our lives. Commit to evolving by turning off the sources that bring you fear, your life and your happiness counts on it. You cannot move forward by worry and you cannot fall back with courage.

ACTIVITY – List your top 10 things that you really want to do but aren’t doing because of a fear. Then read that list 5 times out loud and follow that up with “I am letting fear win” after each read through. Share your list of fears on your public news feed or with someone you feel comfortable with and ask them if they share the same fears. 

Get More Time Series by
Yves Doucet, CEO and Culture Coach Dovico

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