As mentioned in our year-in-review and plans for 2024 article, we’ve created a Billing view for Dovico Timesheet.

If you’ve used the previous version of Timesheet, you may be familiar with the new Billing view. Our initial goal with the new view is to bring parity with the features from the previous version but we also have plans for future improvements.

As a Premium customer, you can access this view via the Projects & Employees menu as shown in the following image.

The menu item for the new Billing view in Dovico Timesheet.

When you enter the view, you’ll see a list of all your bills similar to the following image.

Each row has a button that allows you to edit or view the bill’s details. If the bill hasn’t been posted, it can still be modified so the button will have the caption ‘Edit’. Once the bill is posted, the bill becomes read-only so the button will display ‘View’ for its caption.

The new Billing view showing several bills with some that have been posted and one that is not.

When you click a row’s Edit or View button, a dialog will be displayed. In this dialog, as shown in the following image, you’ll be able to adjust details of the bill.

The dialog you'll see when creating or editing a bill.

Every bill needs an address which you can configure on the aptly named Address tab. I’m pointing this out because this address is not specific to the invoice. Instead, the address belongs to the client of the selected project. If you change the selected project to one that’s assigned to a different client, that new client’s address information will be what’s presented in the address tab.

Exporting or Printing an Invoice

When a bill is posted, the Post button will change to a Print button. Clicking the Print button allows you to view an invoice, as shown in the following image, that you can then export to various formats or print.

An example of an invoice generated for a bill.

In Summary

We’re really excited about the release of the Billing view for Dovico Timesheet. With the ability to manage bills and generate invoices with ease from within Timesheet, we’re confident that this new feature will streamline your billing processes.

We look forward to your feedback as we strive to improve and innovate for you, our esteemed customer.

If you’re not yet using Timesheet, check out our website where you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to see if Dovico Timesheet is right for you:

Gerard Gallant,
CIO of Dovico Software

Stay informed!

For more information on how and when regular maintenance is performed on Dovico servers, please check out our Maintenance Window Policy.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with our software or have suggestions about how we can improve your experience by contacting our friendly support team.

Please reach out with any questions or feedback!


About the Author

Gerard Gallant is the CIO of Dovico Software. He also maintains their hosted infrastructure, has built out their DevOps solutions, and is a Lead Software Architect. When not at work, you'll still find him coding and researching as he has an insatiable drive to learn. As a huge fan of WebAssembly, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to write a book on the subject: "WebAssembly in Action" (

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