A community is a sense of belonging you get when you are in a group of like-minded people. People who you share common attitudes, interests and goals with make up your community. Podcasting helps communities connect and share those common thoughts and ideas. And when you belong to a community, you feel secure from the alignment.

We sell timesheet software. So why would Dovico get into the podcasting business?

Time tracking is a method to drive profitability, that much is understood. But over time, if the company culture is not established around a strong sense of community, it will erode rather quickly in the face of adversity. When profit falls, workers who are not aligned will soon fall with it.

Dovico believes that to have a strong working culture, you must have a thriving community behind it. Podcasting is just another platform to help build that community by sharing ideas and creating alignment.

Podcasting helps build community

In recent years, podcasts have grown a massive following. With the advent of widespread wireless access and easily connected mobility, consuming podcasts has never been easier. You literally can be learning from a podcast anywhere you move.

By following podcasts from your favourite people, you begin to feel like you’re part of a more significant community. You feel safe in the knowledge that you are receiving, all because you are in alignment with the speaker. While your ideas may be challenged, your reality is just a bit more validated from the words of someone you respect as being “in the know.”

Dovico created a network of various topic podcasts.

Recently, to help build a stronger and more vibrant online community, Dovico created a quality podcast studio to share and inspire ideas. With so many gifted thinkers crammed into one office, we’ve decided that by removing the technical barrier, we could enable anyone with a thought and a voice to help our greater online community. So far, we’ve hit a home run with our little podcast room!

With topics ranging from government funding to mental health and even a leadership podcast titled: “Girls Without a Box,” the Dovico podcast network has a little something for everyone. We don’t just talk about timesheets and business! Our podcasts also feature in-depth interviews with staff who we’ve shown the spotlight on -you might have seen them featured on our login page!

Here are some of the podcasts we have available:

Sharing our professional podcast studio also helps our local community share their knowledge

On top of sharing our finished podcasts with the world, we also welcome anyone from our community to use our podcast recording studio –FREE of charge! While sharing knowledge is key to a healthy community, we believe that to do that correctly; you also have to share the tools to build it. Just check out our calendar and let us know when you would like to use it!

Community is such an essential aspect of a long and healthy life. It’s also a big part of why we are in business. Serving our community and strengthening everyone within it has to be the purpose behind everything we do; if not, our security and survival come under considerable risk.

While only a small part of the entire community building picture, podcasting is just one more way for Dovico to help our community give time meaning.

Check out all of Dovico’s podcasts available on:

If you would like to use our podcast room to record your own podcast, please visit: https://www.dovico.com/podcasts/podcast-studio


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