I was on my way out of the Dovico building when I heard my colleague Diane say “Are you heading back to PEI today? I don’t know how you do it travelling back and forth for work.” Without hesitation, I replied, “It’s not work to me; it’s visiting my family here!” To put this into context, I live about an hour and a half away, and I travel into the office two to three days per week.

Diane then relayed that another colleague, Jeff, had recently taken a personal day at the office and regarded it with similar care to how I spoke. I then saw that spark light up in her eye and with a smile, she said: “that would make a good blog”. I emailed Jeff – and here we are!

“The heart receives intuitive information before the brain does.”

Joe Dispenza

Without hesitation; when I say something without hesitation, I know that it is 100% from my heart, my gut, and my intuition. That inner sense of knowing; referred to by some as our “first brain”. When we can express our initial thought before our subconscious mind takes over, we are living in the stillness of the present moment.

We are giving ourselves permission to just be from what we feel.

I’ve learned the only way that can happen is when my mind, body, and spirit are in the parasympathetic state; also called “rest and relaxation.” There is no emotional armour guiding my thoughts. I can be genuine and authentic. I can be me. What that takes is immeasurable and unique to each of us.

I remember my first day at Dovico. When I arrived, I was nervous and of course a half hour early. I saw a sign on the door that read: “We’re closed but we’re still awesome.” I smiled and felt instantly relaxed by that first informatl greeting. As I peered through the glass door, I saw one of the employees. Kevin, see me at the door and motioned toward me to let me in.

Kevin introduced himself, shook my hand, and offered me a seat at the central kitchen table. Ironically I was sitting in the exact chair stools as are in my kitchen! I already felt a sense of safety and familiarity. Kevin got me a coffee. I sat down and looked around; I felt it -I’m home. This feeling is a gift that cannot be articulated into words; I’ll do my best to convey what I mean.

It’s about the climate that’s created at Dovico.

“Intuition is the sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.”

Paulo Coelho

At first, you might say my feeling was because I saw similarities to what I have in my home or that my brother’s name is Kevin. But upon deeper reflection, those initial similarities could not sustain that sense of safety. That sudden immersion into connecting with others, through the respect and value I was shown initially by Kevin, then Phil, and then Shelley became my foundation of that sense of safely.

Building on that foundation from day one was the initial respect that I received from Shelley who came in early to be here for my arrival. She kindly toured me around the office to introduce me to everyone. No only to say “hi” but to take the time to relay their story to me as well. The climate I was exposed to that day centers on celebrating each other through respect, value, and above all, with love.

Office climate does not equate culture, it enhances it.

Office climate differs from its culture in that culture may include the vision, mission, and values to guide expected behaviours in an organization. The climate is the felt atmosphere guided by the day-to-day behaviours that present themselves and signify what the organization is really represented by. These make themselves known by how employees treat each other through respect, relationship building, healthy boundary setting, and assertiveness within conversations.

If you love going to work, not only for the type of work you do but also to collaborate and celebrate with who is there, your workplace climate has these in place. If you dread going to work and it drains your energy -at least one of these emotional connections are lacking.

A workplace climate is made up of how you relate to each other and adapt to external pressures and challenges. Your workplace climate is the driving force behind what makes your workplace culture what it is.

Informal developed patterns of how issues are responded to, how people are treated, and how information is shared signify the true culture of the workplace.

The question becomes: What part are you playing in your workplace climate?

“Every significant vital sign – body temperature, heart rate, oxygen consumption, hormone level, brain activity, and so on…alters the moment you decide to do anything. Decisions are signals telling your body, mind, and environment to move in a certain direction.”

Deepak Chopra

Karen Biggar BScN RN MN


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