We are constantly improving our software to bring you the best experience possible. Here is a list of fixes and enhancements we have released during the month of December 2018:

  • Fixed: An ugly error that came up when users would try to add employees to a project if they didn’t have proper read/write access to those employees.
  • Enhancement: Removed expired tasks from employee’s list of tasks in Workload.
  • Fixed: Display the “Quick Assign” button for all project types.
  • Enhancement: Speed at which quick assignments are made have been improved.
  • Fixed: Employee detail screen will now show in Firefox when the user clicks on employee’s available free time in project creation – task assignment screen.
  • Fixed: Task budget amount in the project creation screen will now update when employees are removed from the project.
  • Fixed: Budgeted hours are not correctly redistributed among assigned users when the task’s budgeted hours are set.
  • Fixed: An nasty error message (“Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”) no longer shows when a user enters a free-form group name and then saves the project on the task section of the project creation screen.
  • Fixed: Error “Input string was not in correct format” no longer comes up in the project creation screen when trying to save certain project types.
  • Fixed: An ugly server error no longer appears when users are adding employees to a project if Employee Workload is not active in the security group.
  • Fixed: The Employee Workload option is no longer available in the security settings if the company is not signed up for it.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with our software or have suggestions for your experience by contacting our friendly support team.

We always enjoy hearing from you!


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