With a world wrapped up in targeted marketing, increasing exposure and sales, its no wonder most of us are tired of hearing that a company is “giving back.”

What exactly are they giving back? What did they take in the first place?

It all comes down to intention.

I’ll admit, it was difficult to write this blog post about Dovico Cares. I didn’t want it to come off sounding like another sales pitch or public announcement. Also, I didn’t want this post to look like another commercial or bravado booster. We are very proud of what we do at Dovico, but we are humble.

A couple of years ago I was involved in helping feed our community’s homeless and working poor at a local initiative called The Humanity Project. Every Sunday for over a year, I would go in and flip about 200 pancakes to serve at a spectacular brunch to some fantastic people who are facing some tough times. My experience those Sunday mornings changed me, and once my family life allows it, I will be returning. The Humanity Project is a difference-making cause that Dovico supports, and its positive impact on our community has been dramatic. Homeless are finding homes and are finding hope. Above all, we are merely people helping people with love dignity and great respect.

What struck me about my experience at The Humanity Project was that I was not just representing Dovico. And I wasn’t there trying to drum up good exposure for our company. I was there with the full intention of giving love to make my community stronger. Leading with love is laced within Dovico’s company culture, and with Dovico Cares, we can be leaders in leading our community with love.

What is Dovico Cares?

In the early days, Dovico Cares was a fundraising engine for The Humanity Project. At that time we decided to give every cent of revenue from our custom reporting division to The Humanity Project. Now that that initiative is on stable feet, we have extended our reach to a multitude of different causes that are near-and-dear to our hearts. With Dovico Cares, our clients can choose which cause they would like to see their custom report dollars to go. Alternatively, anyone can make any size monetary donation through our website.

Not only was I fortunate to help feed our community through Dovico Cares, but I was also given the opportunity to work for over a year at Dovico’s reporting division. That position was an amazingly rewarding experience knowing that every dollar I earned for our company was turned over to our community. Through my daily work, I was making a difference knowing that people were being given hope, love, dignity and respect in my city.

Dovico Cares is not intended to be a “feel good story.” And it is not meant to be a good PR campaign. Our intention is clear, Dovico Cares enables us to lead our community with love. Finally, we believe that we will only be as strong as the community that surrounds us.

Leaders who lead with their heart will never find themselves without love.

Dovico Cares… about loving our community.


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