At Dovico, we are not all about time, we are also huge fans of TED talks. C’mon! It’s free education! Listening to what others have to say, then forming our own opinion and then sharing what we have learned is key to our success.

The fact that 3 of our 31 staff members are TEDx alumni shows that we are pretty serious about continual learning and sharing our ideas with the world.

We are also pretty passionate about time and how it is managed; this is what we do! We are a company founded on serving the need to store time, so it is only natural that we would have a few TED talks about “time” that we think are pretty neat!

These TED talks are not in any particular order, each talk is equally interesting to us, and we can all take something away that will enrich our lives.

How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

Laura Vanderkam

Laura’s lively talk makes us think about time management and how we prioritize it. She says that our time is a choice and that we have the power to fill our lives with the things that deserve to be there.

Time Debt

Linda Sivertsen

Linda’s engaging talk speaks to us about how we overspend our time on things that are not self-serving. The more we spend on others and less on our self, we become “time-debtors”.

The Philosophy of Time Management

Brad Aeon

Brad’s sobering talk is about the value we place on time management and how we tie it to our purpose and meaning in life.

10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips

David Pogue

David’s fun talk explains some overlooked features in tech that can save us time and lessen frustration. I seriously never knew about the space-bar scroll shortcut and the prefocusing function on my digital camera!

How To Multiple Your Time

Rory Vaden

Rory’s lose talk speaks to us about how we should eliminate, automate or delegate tasks to free up our lives. He shares that we should procrastinate all other tasks.

Bonus TED talks!

Remember the three Dovico staff members who had done TEDx talks?

Here they are!

Darwin and the Millenials

Yves Doucet – Dovico CEO & Tuba Culture Coach

Yves friendly talk discusses the challenges of assembling a productive team that spans multiple generations and bridging the gap between the Baby Boomer generation and Millenials.

It All Starts…, With You

Karen Biggar BScN RN MN – Tuba Culture Coach

Karen’s focused talk speaks to us about how stress affects our health and how our body manages it. She also gives insight on how we can alleviate the burden that stress places on us. 

We Are Not Alone

Jeff Nagle – Dovico Content Creator

Jeff’s serious talk is about how he dealt with his painful past of childhood sexual abuse and just how prevalent sexual abuse is in our society.


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