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YES – If you have, you probably already logged in a couple of times, saw some fake data in there, got a feel for what Dovico has to offer, but now you are left wondering: “What is the next step?”

Personalized Demo Data

I know what you are probably thinking: “I’m tired of looking at these clients named ACME and XYZ Incorporated! And who are these employees in my demo data named Dan Smith and Jasmine Walker? I want my own data in there! How can I make this feel more like my own company? “

Well, let’s turn your demo with us into something real, something you can really get a feel for!

Removing the Demo Data

When you have a few minutes, contact us, and we can clean that fake demo data out of your demo environment and help guide you through importing your real data. We have various tools and techniques at our disposal to get you up and running with your employee names, clients and projects in no time at all. That way, you can give this demo a good test run.

Gain confidence in knowing that your possible new timesheet solution has everything you need to track the time your valued team members are putting in. Once your Dovico environment is set up to look more like what you would expect to see and use, it will become that much easier for you to go live once you and your team are ready.

Customized experience

As always, there would be no commitment needed from you to make your demo environment look like you. We want you to have the best experience possible when you are trying us out. Please drop us a line so we can get your Dovico Timesheet demo environment customized just for you.

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