Did you know you can enter your Dovico time entries right inside Microsoft Outlook?

No? Well, you can! Woot! Woot! We can waste so much time switching between apps. Any disruption to our flow at work can cost us up to 25 minutes of lost productivity.

You know that the moment you turn from Outlook to your browser to fill your timesheet in Dovico, some notification will pop-up and throw you into that squirrel moment. It happens to the best of us! Social media is always waiting for your attention.

BAM! In an instant, you have lost five minutes of productivity to check your status only to find out that your second cousin twice-removed just went to the dentist today and had a terrible experience and somehow managed to tag you on it. It will take you another five minutes to log into Dovico and enter your time against the task you were just working on. Oh, now you have to get back to work! Well, it can be tough to get back at it. Your flow is interrupted, and you can’t quite remember what it was you needed to do next. Before you know it, an hour has passed yet your deadline is still staring at you from behind your desk.

With Dovico Microsoft Outlook integration, you can quickly enter your time into Dovico within the confines of your beloved email app! Just click the Dovico icon and a panel will appear from the right with your timesheet fields ready for your input. You can even auto-populate your timesheet using entries from your calendar! If you have a 2-hour meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, all you have to do is load up your event, click the Dovico logo, and in an instant, all of your timesheet data is populated. Just review and save, it’s that easy!

The Microsoft Outlook Dovico app is an essential tool to add to your productivity toolbox. You will no longer have to break task to enter time, with it’s smooth and intuitive screens.

Once you start entering your timesheet time through Outlook, you will wonder why you didn’t start using this a long time ago. It really does enhance your Dovico experience. Entering and submitting your timesheet is just that much easier and painless.

Check out the Time Entry for Outlook page in Dovico or download it directly from the Microsoft Store.

Note: The Dovico Timesheet Outlook app is compatible with Outlook 2013+ for PC, Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook 365.

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