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In business as in life, we all get by with a little from our friends.

Every company that starts off is just like a friend attending a party of new friends for the first time. You are unsure how to navigate the room, who to talk to and where to start the conversation. If you are fortunate, you will find a familiar face in the crowd, and that is the person you can grab hold of to break the ice. When you are in business, you are always looking for new partnerships that will help you navigate the busy and noisy corporate party.

In business and friendships, you need to be a friend to have a friend. As a business, you must be open and transparent with your intentions to form meaningful and profitable relationships. A good business relationship will bail you out of trouble; a great relationship will invest in you, so you never get in trouble in the first place. To be a company worthy of investment, you must prove you are stable and confident enough in what you deliver.  Ensuring that your company is built on a foundation of ethical values rooted in benefiting everyone involved is key to being one worthy of investment. Isn’t that the same thing in a friendship?

Established in 1993 as a time tracking device seller, Dovico has transitioned, pivoted and changed colours many times over the years to now be a stable online hosted timesheet solution. To survive a quarter-century in a highly competitive online marketplace, Dovico has been very diligent allocating its resources to provide the most significant amount of value to its clients all over the world. Over the years, Dovico has had to make tough decisions to match the volatile worldwide marketplace. Never a company to take a high risk of jeopardizing the stability of its employees; leadership has always seized opportunities in which to find growth without any risk of scaling back it’s team. The real value of Dovico comes from its 30 employees, many of who have been here 15+ years which is almost unheard of in the software industry.

Even at 25 years old, Dovico still needs a little help from friends to grow its workforce and expand its current solution in a socially changing business culture. Dovico is receiving support in the form of non-repayable investments and repayable loans from various government agencies. Opportunities NB is investing $95,709 in creating new positions at Dovico and another $14,360 in support of Dovico’s market development activities. The Department of Post-Secondary Education (of New Brunswick) is investing $20,800 through it’s “One Job Pledge” program. Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is also providing Dovico with a $332,250 repayable loan to Dovico that will be used to expand it’s research and development initiatives.

In photo: The Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Diane Doucet, Yves Doucet, The Honourable Cathy Rogers
Photo credit: Jesse Van Dubberke

With these new investments, Dovico will look to expand its workforce by 13 highly-skilled quality positions filled by motivated and change-driven people within its Moncton office which currently employs 28.

“When people invest in your dream, it is the best compliment you can get. It does come with a responsibility, but, after 25 years in business, it presents even better opportunities for providing world-class business services to all our customers. We are grateful to have fantastic partners like ACOA and the Province of New Brunswick.”, said Dovico Culture Coach and CEO Yves Doucet.

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About Dovico:
For 25 years, providing time tracking and reporting for clients worldwide. Manage projects, teams, and easily capture time for billing and costing & generate reports.


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For 30 years, Dovico has been providing time tracking and timesheet software for clients worldwide. Manage your projects and teams, capture time and generate reports.

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