We have some small changes to the project creation screen and the time entry view coming your way, along with some product future-proofing.

Project creation:

All the functionality you are accustomed to is still there, just laid out in a step-by-step way designed to reduce the scrolling required to create or edit a project. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Project details
Enter the project name, manager, start/end date and a client (optional)

Step 2: Project Objective (Professional and Premium only)
Choose the project objective, choose how to manage the budget for your project and any applicable rates.

Step 3: Team
Create your project team.

Step 4: Tasks
Add tasks to your project and assign the team.
Don’t forget to save your project; remember that your team can only track time on active projects!

Time Entry:

The significant changes you will notice in the timesheet view involve the ‘favourites’ tab, now accessed via the drop-down menu that defaults the list to all your assignments. There are also a few minor cosmetic updates.

Technical debt and Future Proofing:

While you won’t necessarily notice any fundamental changes by removing some older technology, we have future-proofed Dovico Timesheet. As the major web browsers make updates, Dovico Timesheet will continue to operate as you have come to expect it to. We have also added some functionality in the back end for some modules we are working on. More to come on some of this new functionality.

Note: All fixes and enhancements are for Version 14 of Timesheet unless specified otherwise.

Stay informed!

For more information on how and when regular maintenance is performed on Dovico servers, please check out our Maintenance Window Policy.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with our software or have suggestions about how we can improve your experience by contacting our friendly support team.

Please reach out with any questions or feedback!


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