It’s often during times of uncertainty, we crave leadership. Leadership provides information, and information provides us with comfort. With so many leaders cooped up, their desire to share a message to help comfort others is at an all-time high. It’s this spirit of giving that will get us all through this.

Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something. And when you string together enough people with information, you will find something that makes sense -something that comforts you.

There’s a grain of truth in every spoken word, does it align with yours?

Dovico partnered with Tuba, and Culture Coach, Yves Doucet, provides the world with a little bit of comfort. Together they share energizing talks with local and national leaders aimed to give some normality in a highly surreal world. We’re certainly not in this alone.

Take a moment and listen to the truth in the words of the following influential people. Perhaps, something someone will say will give you a little bit of comfort.

Heather Moyse: 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist, Speaker & Author

Heather represented Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and again at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. She competed in the Two-woman Bobsleigh events and won gold both times.

Beyond her success as an Olympian, Heather is a successful keynote speaker who shares her inspirational stories that motivate captive audiences. In her book, Redefining Realistic, Heather takes the reader through a journey of discovering the possibility that exists in everyday life.

Dr. Greg Wells: Wellness Advocate, Scientist & Best-Selling Author

Dr. Wells is a scientist in Translational Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, ON Canada. Greg’s knowledge of the body is extensive, yet, he knows how to share complex topics in a way for anyone to understand.

As a best-selling author of Superbodies, The Ripple Effect and recently, Rest, Refocus, Recharge: A Guide for Optimizing Your Life, Dr. Wells is a sought after speaker in stress management and healthy living spaces.

Alan Stein Jr.: Performance Expert, Keynote Speaker & Author

Alan is a world-class championship-level performance coach who has worked with NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Stephan Curry and Kobe Bryant. He now shares his proven strategies to help organizations perform to their max and help create effective leadership within.

In his best-selling book, Raise Your Game, Alan Stein Jr. addresses the three common issues facing leaders and organizations: Ineffective leadership, Team Dysfunction and Low Performance.

Dr. Sue Morter: International Speaker, Author, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary 

Dr. Sue is the USA Today bestselling, #1 bestselling LA Times and #1 Amazon bestselling author of THE ENERGY CODES: A 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life. Through THE ENERGY CODES, Dr. Sue provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body, empower hidden potential, and become one’s true, essential self.

The Energy Codes has become a #1 LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER “Transform your life with this revolutionary and accessible seven-step guide—grounded in energy medicine, neurobiology, and quantum physics—to awaken your true health and potential through energy healing.

Drew Dudley: Dynamic Leadership Speaker, Author & TEDx Influencer

Drew is a dynamic public speaker who captivates his audience with real-life stories of leadership. His message of living each day as if it were “day one” is powerful and thoughtful. Drew’s TEDx talk, “Everyday Leadership” AKA “Lollipop Moment” has almost 5 million views! It has also been voted as one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time.

In his book, This is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters, Drew shares the process lead him through battles with alcohol, obesity and personal tragedy. This shared process of relentless commitment to daily behaviours inspires readers to be better leaders.

Sarah McVanel-Viney: Professional Speaker, Author & Recognition Expert

Sarah is a public speaker who helps leaders leverage employee recognition to retain top talent. She’s also a life and leadership coach through her “Greatness Magnified” program.

In her new book, Flip Side of Failing: How to Recognize and Leverage Greatness in Life and Work, Sarah shares real-life greatness stories of over 30 Canadian influencers. Through stories, reflective exercises and research findings, the book Flip Side of Failing is a must-read for everyone looking to lead.

Natalie Davison: Visionary Marketer, Social Influencer & Passionate Meaning & Purpose Advocate

Natalie is a marketing and influencing superstar. Her energy and authenticity are contagious while public speaking or on her social media streams. Simply put, she’s not afraid to be herself.

As the co-founder and visionary of Marrow Marketing, Natalie is an advocate of businesses leveraging their unique personality to convey their message and create a connection with clients.

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