When going about our busy day, we want things to be more accessible and maybe even a little more straightforward.

Giving meaning to our time includes not having to spend meaningless seconds looking for functionality that should be just there. Did you know that you can now edit your menu options in Dovico Timesheet?

You can!

If you want to remove Reports from your menu because you are not responsible for reporting, go ahead! If eliminating Regions or Holiday Time Entry from your menu is necessary because it is not applicable to your company, go ahead and get rid of them! If all you need to see on your menu is Timesheets and Expenses, you can remove everything else. Personalize your menu and remove the clutter! Just hover over your name in the upper right-hand corner and click “Edit Menu.”

Your entire menu will now appear, and you can then remove the check marks from the various menu items you wish to remove from your main menu. After completing your menu changes and you have it just right, click the green “Apply” button to save your changes.

Voila! Your update menu is ready with no need to log out or refresh your screen.

The removed menu items are not gone forever but are no longer visible, so if you want to add them back in, go ahead an edit your menu again.

Please note: This functionality is not available to Dovico Basic users.

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