We are all addicted. Some of us are addicted to being neat, some it’s to making sure people do as they are told (micro managers), some are addicted to perfection, some are addicted to imperfection and some to drugs, smoking, eating and drinking. We all have addictions which are really our habits. We are actually addicted to the habit, it’s what feels normal, what feels comfortable and every time we do it our body produces dopamine and we feel great, in control and at peace with the world. These habits are the reason we lose time, the reason we cannot get the important things done. It’s the reason we don’t have the courage to push our talent to the next level.

The things we do, determines the life we have.

How to get more time: Go through your week and list the things you do on a daily basis. Once you do, choose one habit that does not give you energy and commit to removing it from your week. Do you have the courage to share what you are addicted to?

Yves Doucet, CEO and Culture Coach Dovico

For more info on this subject, read these books “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, and “The Cult of Pharmacology” by Richard Degrandpre PH D


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